Our Biodesign Technology Platform.

Delivering Clinically-Proven, Bioactive Animal Free Collagens & Other Proteins for Beauty, Nutrition & Beyond

If the 20th Century was about chemistry, we’re leading the 21st into a new era in biology by designing consumer proteins with the best high-performance ingredients nature has to offer. By building on advances in biology, medicine, and computer science, we’re creating the world’s first sustainably-produced, animal-free, GMO-free proteins.

Through our proprietary biodesign platform, we select and sustainably manufacture natural, animal-free proteins designed for superior performance in consumer products.

Here’s a snapshot into truly sustainable protein manufacturing:


Inspired by nature, we look to the tree of life and select the finest bioactive compounds found throughout the rich vastness of plant and animal life on Earth, and curate our molecular palette. A key component of this design work lies in our utilization of computational biology.


We produce our ingredients in a clean, controlled, sustainable fermentation process using renewable, plant-based inputs. The result is a bioactive with exquisite functionality and unmatched purity.


Our products are formulated into turnkey solutions for corporate customers across the global cosmetics, food, and beverage industries, where they are incorporated into products consumers love while being kinder to the planet and the diversity of life within it.

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