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Is Bio-Designed Collagen the Next Step in Animal Protein Replacement?

The New York Times profiled Geltor for its Upstart series, highlighting companies developing innovative science and technology.

The Latest Advancements in Natural Beauty Have a Mad-Science Vibe

Geltor's biodesign technology makes a roundup of some of the latest science-based trends being incorporated by leading brands.

This Dazzling New Branding is a Lesson in Combatting Scientific Misinformation

A first look at biodesign firm Geltor’s stunning new brand identity, designed by &Walsh.

World first: Geltor gears up for mid-2021 launch of vegan collagen for food, beverage, nutrition markets

Geltor is gearing up for the commercial launch of the world’s first ingestible ‘animal-free’ vegan collagen for the food and nutrition markets in mid-2021

Geltor Lands $91.3M Series B

While Geltor’s Series A round was more about going from the precommercial stage to the commercial stage, the Series B round will focus on helping more companies build sustainable products.

As The Beauty Industry Goes Vegan, Geltor Raises $91.3M To Supply It With Animal-Free Bioengineered Ingredients

Currently, its ingredients are used in moisturizers, eye creams, masks and haircare products by brands available at Ulta Beauty, Sephora, Target and Amazon.

Nature + Beauty

"[Science is] allowing beauty brands to hone original and optimised plant-based, animal-free formulas... Recognising the shift in consumer mindset around animal-derived products, Geltor is using synthetic biology to produce high-performance, animal-free collagen."

15 Trends Changing the Face of the Beauty Industry in 2020

Moving from the land to the lab, biotechnologies are increasingly impacting the production of future beauty ingredients. Biotech company Geltor offers vegan collagen technologies specifically crafted for skincare ingredient applications.

Has biotech made more natural beauty ingredients available?

Using designer microbes at industrial scale has been a method of cosmetics and personal care ingredient production for over a decade. And the promise of biotech production is often cleaner, more sustainable, and more efficacious when compared to those sourced from petrochemicals and when compared to those sourced directly from cultivated or wild plant and animal sources.

Cruelty-free beauty products, biodesigned in Silicon Valley

More and more of us are striving to make purchases that are in line with our personal values, whether it’s to use more sustainable ingredients, reduce pollution, or avoid animal cruelty. So when we consider buying that vanilla cupcake, that snow parka, or even that mushroom leather purse, many of us are asking ourselves: Will my choice help make the world a better place?

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Press Releases

Geltor Completes First Full-Scale Commercial Manufacturing Run of PrimaColl® for Food and Beverage

The biodesign company's latest manufacturing campaign demonstrates extraordinary advancements in scale-up and protein production yields.

Geltor Appoints Biotechnology Pioneer Doug Cameron to Board of Directors

An industry trailblazer bringing over 30 years of experience, Doug spent a number of years in roles including Director of Biotechnology and Chief Scientist at Cargill.

Geltor Raises $91.3M as Pandemic Exposes Need for Sustainable Protein Supply Chain

The biodesign leader will use the round of Series B funding to expand its sustainable Ingredients-as-a-Service™ platform globally.

Geltor Announces First Biocompatible Elastin for Skincare Market

Geltor announces Elastapure™, the first ever biocompatible human elastin ingredient designed for topical skincare.

Geltor CEO to Deliver Keynote at Society of Cosmetic Chemists Annual Meeting

Geltor CEO and co-founder Alexander Lorestani is scheduled to deliver a keynote lecture at the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) 73rd Annual Scientific Meeting and Technology Showcase in New York City on December 18th, 2019.

Geltor Names CPG Industry Veteran Gina Boswell to Board of Directors

Former Unilever executive continues a record of purpose-driven innovation with Geltor's sustainable biodesigned protein ingredients.

Geltor Unveils First Biodesigned Human Collagen for Skincare Market

Geltor announces HumaColl21™, the first ever human collagen created for cosmetics formulations, sustainably produced with zero animal inputs.

Geltor Announces Series A Funding from Cultivian Sandbox Ventures

Geltor announces $18.2 million in Series A financing, led by Cultivian Sandbox Ventures.

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