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NuColl® Pro

Vegan Collagen
for Hair Manageability & Styling​

NuColl® Pro is a sustainable and animal-free alternative to conventional collagens, biodesigned for global hair care. ​

At the intersection of efficacy, sustainability, and innovation, NuColl® Pro is a mane character ingredient for hair manageability & styling products.

Collagen is a common ingredient in skin care and rapidly expanding into hair care, driven by beauty movements like the skinification of hair and the rise of protein-based ingredients. Conventional collagen is animal-derived, contradicting the consumer’s demand for vegan and cruelty-free beauty. NuColl® Pro is an animal-free alternative to conventional collagen that delivers real results, while meeting strict clean and vegan beauty standards.

Look Good with NuColl® Pro

We are continually building out our data package for all our ingredients. Below is a sample of our data package for NuColl® Pro. For the full data package and more information about studies and claim substantiation, contact us.

65% improvement in frizz control*

79% improvement in volume control**

87% reduction of split-ends**

improved curl definition

*Type VI hair
**Type II hair


Feel good with NuColl® Pro

NuColl® Pro is biodesigned to meet today’s most in-demand certifications for the beauty industry. In addition, NuColl™ meets strict clean beauty standards and is free from soy, gluten, known allergens, phthalates, parabens, triclosan, urea, BHT, and BHA.

Formulate with NuColl® Pro

✔️ Shampoos
✔️ Conditioners
✔️ Styling agents
✔️ Leave in treatments
✔️ Suitable for all hair types
✔️ Damaged hair
✔️ Bleached and/or color treated hair
✔️ Textured hair

Protein-Rich Leave-In Conditioner

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