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Vegan collagen for hair, made with fermentation, offers a sustainable and animal-free alternative to conventional collagens

At the intersection of efficacy, sustainability, and innovation, NuColl™ is a mane character ingredient for hair manageability & styling products

Look good with NuColl™

Evaluated and studied across a variety of hair types, NuColl™ demonstrates superior performance and significant improvement across many aspects of hair styling & manageability. NuColl™ is suitable for all hair types, showcasing optimal performance on textured hair and damaged hair.

65% improvement in frizz control*

79% improvement in volume control**

87% reduction of split-ends**

improved curl definition

*Type VI hair
**Type II hair

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Feel good with NuColl™

NuColl™ is biodesigned to meet today’s most in-demand certifications for the beauty industry. In addition, NuColl™ meets strict clean beauty standards and is free from soy, gluten, known allergens, phthalates, parabens, triclosan, urea, BHT, and BHA.

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