About Us

Our mission is to improve billions of lives through biodesign.

Geltor is the conscious biodesign company creating the world’s most advanced protein ingredients for beauty and personal care, food and nutrition, and beyond. We start by imagining and deeply exploring nature’s tree of life and combine biology, protein optimization, and fermentation to create sustainable, high-performance consumer proteins with optimal functionality and benefits. These proteins are 100% animal- and GMO-free, globally scalable, and sustainably cultivated. Geltor’s products are the result of endless curiosity and ceaseless optimization, clinically demonstrated for high performance.


We work with results-oriented, forward-thinking manufacturers and consumer brands with global scale in the beauty, nutraceuticals, and food/beverage sectors who desire highly-differentiated, 100% animal-free and sustainable, science-based ingredient technologies.



When co-founders Alex Lorestani, Ph.D., and Nick Ouzounov, Ph.D., met at Princeton University they asked themselves a question: Why were consumer products still reliant upon outdated animal inputs in spite of advances in biology, medicine, and computer science?


Consumers demand clean, humane products that deliver results while being kinder to the planet. For manufacturers, animal models are both unsustainable and inhumane. Together, Alex and Nick discovered a way to produce consumer proteins that would satisfy customers and end users. They moved to California to further develop their breakthrough idea of using biological information and fermentation to produce high-performance protein ingredients.


Geltor’s first protein product, Collume®, was launched in 2018 for skincare formulations. As the world’s first animal-free collagen technology, it won the prestigious CEW Beauty Award for Innovation of the Year and now serves as the hero ingredient in products used across North America, Europe, and Asia. Today, Geltor is expanding its protein portfolio in cosmetics & personal care, food, and beverage.

Our Team

We love what we do, and we do it with endless curiosity, a sense of purpose, and respect for nature. Our team represents a diversity of backgrounds, disciplines, and industries spanning in and outside of the sciences. And of course, we share a profound appreciation for seeing products powered by Geltor delight consumers around the world.