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Our Story

Meet our Founders

Nick Ouzounov and Alex Lorestani met as Ph.D. students in their molecular biology lab at Princeton. Both shared a love of nature, applied technology, and a disbelief that animals and harsh chemical processes were still being used in industry when science had come such a long way.

Resolving this disconnect became a passion, and that passion became a business. Today, that business is transforming biodesign into the new paradigm for what consumers and industry want today: sustainable, ethically sourced, and effective protein ingredients created simply and quickly.

For Nick and Alex, Geltor is the nexus of biology, beauty, and design. The very heart of creative science.

The only question now is, what new wonders will biodesign unlock for your business?

Awards & Certifications

The Vegan Trademark

Silver Sustainability Rating


Certified BioBased

Innovation of the Year

Innovator Brand Finalist

Top Vegan Beauty Trends

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