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Join our biodesign team

We find that the brightest minds forever seek the greatest challenges in pursuit of a better world.

At Geltor, we attract those who see little distinction between science and art, imagination and the joy of creation. There’s beauty in biodesign—and inspiration to reimagine the future.

Every day, we take one step closer to living in that future.

Are you ready for the next frontier?

If you’d rather lead than follow. You act with courage, not complacency. And question the status quo in favor of something better, we want to meet you.

Join our team

If you’d rather lead than follow; You act with courage, not complacency; and you question the status quo in favor of something better, we want to meet you.

Why choose a career in biodesign?


Scientist II, Fermentation

There are a lot of things that make Geltor a great place to work. I especially love the jovial atmosphere, the opportunities we’re given to develop scientific and leadership skills, and the rigorous and collaborative conversations we have about science. On top of all that, fermentation is a fascinating science and our fermentation team rocks!


Sales Manager, Western USA and Canada

We take biodesign to the next level at Geltor. Here we combine curiosity, biotechnology, and customer-focused service to provide solutions for our customers today and tomorrow. Whether that be innovating a more sustainable ingredient; expanding access to bioactives with animal-free, kosher, and halal options; or delivering a consistent supply of high-quality, scientifically backed proteins, we are solving real problems all around the world. This is what excites and motivates me to get up and give my all to the work we do every day.


Senior Research Associate I, Strain Engineering

I love the extremely collaborative environment here at Geltor -- there are no barriers to the exchange of ideas here. People here come from very diverse backgrounds, and it makes it impossible not to learn something new every day. I get to work with some of the most creative and talented individuals in the field and leverage their expertise to grow and excel in my role.