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The revolutionary polypeptide for skin rejuvenation and recovery

Caviance® is the trifecta of luxury, sustainability, and science-forward innovation, a caviar-inspired vegan collagen polypeptide and novel bioactive ingredient for skin rejuvenation.

Caviance® is biodesigned with a unique amino acid sequence rich in integrin bindings, known to aid in skin renewal and wound healing activities. A potent and multi-faceted ingredient for skin, Caviance® is shown to

  • stimulate six different types of collagens
  • aid in skin repair
  • stimulate cellular regeneration
  • protect epidermal stem cells

Caviance® is biodesigned to meet today’s most in-demand certifications for the beauty industry. In addition, Caviance® meets strict clean beauty standards and is free from soy, gluten, known allergens, phthalates, parabens, triclosan, urea, BHT, and BHA.

Evolutionary Excellence

Inspires Revolutionary Biodesigned Proteins

Inspired by nature, perfected by science. Caviance® is a vegan biodesigned polypeptide harnessing an amino acid sequence identical to the type II collagen of the sturgeon. Sturgeon is a prehistoric species with a near-perfect code for survival. Sturgeon is the leading source of Caviar, which inspired the tradename Caviance®. Today, sturgeon is among the most endangered species group on earth, threated by illegal caviar trade, overfishing, and habitat loss. Powered by biotech, Caviance is 100% animal-free and made with precision fermentation for a potent bioactive ingredient you can feel good about.

A Choice Ingredient for Choice Formulas

Caviance® is dynamic bioactive ingredient for topical prestige beauty and personal care formulas.


The worlds’ finest caviar is sourced from sturgeon


Sturgeon is the most endangered species group on earth

Sourced from Science

Patented innovation powered through biotechnology

Formulate with Caviance®

  • skin care
  • body care
  • grooming
  • scalp care
  • color cosmetics

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