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What is biodesign?


Where form meets function—biology meets design—there’s biodesign. Geltor has perfected this art, unlocking its limitless potential for the future.

Today, our interdisciplinary team of scientists, creatives, and engineers work on the frontier of biology to create new proteins that benefit consumers, industries, and our planet. Tomorrow, we will cross new frontiers yet to be imagined.

What new proteins, molecules, and market applications will biodesign unlock? We’re constantly exploring, designing, and commercializing these innovations with intention.

Why biodesign today?

Biology has always been the engine of life. And today, we’re making biodesign the new engine of industry. We are envisioning an age where plastics, synthetics, and harmful chemicals will no longer dominate our lives and surroundings. When natural replaces the artificial—and extractive and destructive practices that harm our planet are no longer taken for granted. We’re working towards a future in which anything and everything might be biodesigned—unleashing the imagination, beauty, and joy of science to ignite a new era of human potential and harmony with nature.


At Geltor we’re already there, leveraging the power—and the promise—of biology to design the world’s most advanced specialty protein ingredients.

Our proven, proprietary Biodesign Platform delivers every solution simply. Responsibly, with every ingredient sourced sustainably. And quickly, shortening the traditional development process from years to a matter of months.

The future is here. And now, it can be yours.

How does our Biodesign Platform work?

The quickest path to commercialization, our Biodesign Platform can create any next-gen product simply, sustainably, and with unprecedented speed to market.

Get ready to go beyond what you ever thought possible, as science and design work hand-in-hand to build a brighter future for us all.