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Biodesigned ingredients for food and nutrition

Innovation for innovation’s sake is never a prudent path

For a new idea to have true value, it must first be proven to solve a specific consumer need. And as the need for more consumer-driven, sustainable products continues to grow, we can help you offer what no competitor can: a proven biodesigned solution, every time. 100% vegan, with clinical efficacy and full regulatory compliance.

Read on to see how biodesign can help you meet changing consumer needs now.

Why biodesign?

Biodesign is a proven way to quickly and responsibly feed the constant consumer desire for something new and effective. While trends may come and go, biodesign is here to stay. It is established science for an ever-wider array of consumer needs, at global scale. With Geltor, you’re not taking a chance on something new. You’re leveraging our success to create your own.


This is the world’s first type 21 collagen intentionally biodesigned for the food and nutrition industry. Until now, Type 21 collagen was impossible to source by conventional means. But we can produce it in high volumes sustainably through fermentation, without any animal inputs.

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Silver Sustainability Rating


Certified BioBased

Innovation of the Year

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How can biodesign ignite what’s possible for your food or nutrition products?
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