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Award-winning biodesigned vegan proteins for performance and purpose


Winner of the prestigious CEW Beauty Innovation of the Year Award, Collume® is the first topical vegan marine collagen biodesigned for the beauty industry.


Elastapure® is the world’s only biosimilar human elastin ingredient for topical beauty formulations, made without human or animal inputs.


Until now, Human Type 21 collagen was impossible to source by conventional means, but our Biodesign platform has unlocked this powerful biosimilar ingredient, intentionally created for beauty and personal care.


Vegan collagen for hair, made with fermentation, offers a sustainable and animal-free alternative to conventional collagens.

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The Vegan Trademark

Silver Sustainability Rating


Certified BioBased

Innovation of the Year

Innovator Brand Finalist

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Promoting beauty from within

In addition to topical bioactives, Geltor’s portfolio includes ingestible ingredients for skin, hair, and nail health. Our biodesigned collagen for food and nutrition, PrimaColl®, offers another mode of delivery for your next-gen promoting beauty from within.

How can biodesign ignite what’s possible for your beauty or personal care products?
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