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High-purity, bioactive collagen for food and beverage made without animals.

Introducing PrimaColl™

The only concentrated Type 21 collagen, intentionally designed for superior functionality, performance, sustainability, and suitability for a broad range of consumer preferences.

Finally, a collagen for everyone

A nature-identical poultry collagen made through fermentation, PrimaColl™ expands the multi-billion dollar collagen market opportunity. For the first time, brands can reach consumers who previously avoided collagen due to animal-derived sourcing concerns, dietary preferences, or religious observation.

The best collagens come from fermentation.

Consciously crafted in a sustainable fermentation process, Geltor uses microbes and renewable plant-based inputs to make PrimaColl™. The result is a bioactive with exquisite functionality and unmatched purity, which would otherwise be impossible to source.

Delivering the bioactive core of Type 21 collagen

PrimaColl™ is a nature-identical match to the bioactive amino acid core of Type 21 poultry collagen. This functional core contains a high concentration of glycine and proline, amino acids known to enable essential cell signaling, which helps activate additional collagen production in the body.